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Swiss watches

If you need to buy a new watch or simply just add one to your collection, don't look past watches made in Switzerland
If you need to buy a new watch or simply just add one to your collection, don't look past watches made in Switzerland. Swiss watches for men and for women are known all around the world as the best watch making country in the world. There are many brands that are Swiss-made to choose from. These brands include Breitling, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Swatch, Victorinox Swiss Army, and Tissot. A lot of these watches are available at many good specialist watch shops or department stores such as Macy's.

Let's start with the most famous watch maker of all time, Rolex. Rolex watches are known as a high quality, luxury brand and the ultimate status symbol. As a result, the value of a Rolex appreciates over time due to demand from watch collectors. It is said that Sir Edmund Hillary and his group all wore Rolex watches when climbing up Mt Everest. Whether or not this is true, it goes to show that Rolex is a versatile watch for men who are into adventure. In fact, some of the watches are specially created for boat skippers, deep sea diving, and pilots. There are also watch designed specifically for women in the Datejust Lady 31mm collection.

Breitling was founded in 1884 and offers certified chronometers. These watches are primarily for aviators although it is also usually just worn as a luxury watch for those who are not pilots. There is also an emergency watch used by civil aviators as well as a modified version for those in the military. Functions that are suitable for aviators include having a large watch face so that it is better for visibility and the analog dials display more information. Most watches have a automatic mechanical winding system, fly-back function, a moon phase function, and more. In the military version, there is a transmitter which has previously been used to save the lives of British pilots.

Tag Heuer's specialty is in producing innovative luxury sports watches. As a result, many athletes and famous Hollywood celebrities are ambassadors of this watch. Each Tag Heuer collection has a built-in mechanism suitable for sports timekeeping. For example, the Carrera Calibre 360 is the first mechanical wrist style chronography that can measure and display time up to 1/100th seconds! For those who love golf, there is an award-winning Professional Golf Watch that was co-developed with Tiger Woods.

For those who do not want to spend so much on a watch, you should consider Tissot. Tissot is an an affordable, middle-range watch line from the Swatch Group. This brand has many claims to fame, mostly to do with the material used in the watch. For example, it was the first watch that made watches out of stone, plastic, mother of peal, and wood. It is also known for the technology used such as watches that use sapphire glass that is touch sensitive.

The Swatch watch is one of the youngest watch brands in the world, being conceived in the 1980's. The purpose of the Swatch was to be an economical and fun watch to be used in times when you do not want to wear a luxury watch. It gained popularity as a 1980's due to its flat design. In addition, fashion statements could be made due to its interchangeable watch faces and watch bands. A line called the Flik Flak was created for children. There is also a Swatch Bijoux line that is famous for its Swarovski encrusted watches.

If you ever plan to ski in Switzerland, you may consider purchasing a Swatch Snowpass watch. This watch is quite unique as you can load the Snowpass with money and every time you take it to one of 25 chosen Swiss ski resorts, you can skip the queues and charge the skiing fees to your watch.

The Victorinox Swiss Army brand has gone beyond knives and gone into the watch making industry. There are numerous watches in its lines ranging from pocket watches to wrist watches, from closable watches to classic ones. These watches can also be engraved on.
Whether you are buying a watches for men or for women, do not go past Swiss watches. They are advanced, high-quality watches suitable for adults and children of all interests. If you are unsure where to purchase them, Macy's carries a variety of Swiss-made watches.

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