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Switzerland restaurants

Restaurants in Switzerland have it all, in terms of European cuisines: German, French, Italian, and plenty of local specialties mean that you will not go hungry here
Restaurants in Switzerland have it all, in terms of European cuisines: German, French, Italian, and plenty of local specialties mean that you will not go hungry here. Books could be (and have been) written about all the great restaurants in Switzerland, so this is only a small sampling of the huge selection you'll have if you visit there. These are in no particular order.

Cheval Blanc, Blumenrain 8 CH - 4001 Basel. Cheval Blanc in Basel is closed for most of February and a week in July. This restaurant is an elegant place to spend an evening, dining on classic Mediterranean foods. The service has been rated as very good, and one special feature is the restaurant's terrace by the Rhine. Cheval accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards.

Adelboden, Schlagstrasse CH - 6422 Steinen. Adelboden is closed during the last half of February through the first week in March, and the second half of July through the first week in August. Adelboden is an old farmhouse on the way from Schwyz to Sattel. The dining rooms are well designed to have a cozy atmosphere. The cuisine is contemporary, and the restaurant accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

Reithalle, Gessnerallee 8, Zurich, is a restaurant with an equestrian theme. The name Reithalle means "Riding Hall." It was converted into a restaurant from a military stable, and believe it or not, the stone walls still feature feed bins and hay racks. Menu items include generous portions of pastas, elaborate salads, lamb stew, and unexpected specialties like squid. The two-course meals are very well reviewed for taste and price, and the restaurant also has an excellent wine list.

Cafe du Commerce, rue de Trevelin 5, Aubonne 1170 is a French restaurant with a very friendly owner, an excellent selection of classic French food, and a top local wine list. It is described as a very nice, very Parisian bistro with friendly service and top quality cuisine.

La Rotonde at Beau-Rivage Palace is a very popular restaurant in Lausanne, so reservations are recommended. The crowd is quite varied. It is an expensive choice, but reviewers say that the service and the food are worth the expense. The menu is varied, with everything from ravioli to fish, and the wine menu is extensive, but you should be prepared to pay handsomely for a glass of wine (which is rated very highly). La Rotonde is located in Ouchy, the south part of Lausanne, and depending on traffic conditions during the day, you may be able to see Lake Geneva. Once you're through with your meal, it is worthwhile to visit the hotel lobby for the architecture.

Pearl Restaurant in the Hotel Krone, Marktgasse 49, 8401 Winterthur is the Hotel Krone's gourmet restaurant. It serves up dishes of the Mediterranean and Asia, and has a fantastic wine list, which will please those who know fine wines. Pearl Restaurant was awarded 14 points by the Gault Millau.

Principe Leopoldo, at Via Montalbano 5, Lugano serves highly regarded regional and international cuisine. There are three luxurious dining rooms in which you can enjoy award winning cuisine. The restaurant is known for its risottos, such as one dish with Gorgonzola and pears, and another with lobster and herbs. Other specialties include steamed sea bass fillet with fresh tomatoes, or roasted turbot. The menu is international, but with emphasis on Mediterranean and Ticinese cuisine.

Johri's Talvo, Via Gunels 15 St. Moritz was opened in 1992 inside a 350-year-old Engadine house. It is St. Moritz's top restaurant, in the center of the village of Champfer, which is a 10 minute walk from western St. Moritz. Johri's Talvo blends regional specialties with upscale ingredients. Choices include such things as North Atlantic lobster and scallops in wine sauce. Turbot cooked in salt crust, served with varied garnishes. The cuisine is unique, and the "cold weather" specialties are particular favorites.

The Restaurant, inside the Palace Hotel in Gstaad is, like most Gstaad restaurants, situated in a hotel. This restaurant features three dining rooms, each of which is beautifully appointed. The finest haute cuisine is served here, and the service is said to be impeccable. Some of the very best chefs in the Bernese Oberland create the foods here, always with the knowledge that they serve a clientele that demands the very best. This is a formal restaurant, but there is one "sans cravatte" dining room for men who are not wearing ties or jackets. Specialty dishes include Scottish lamb, eggplant lasagna, and crispy duck for two. The chefs at The Restaurant have an extensive repertoire, and are experts at reinterpreting traditional favorite dishes.

Rathauskeller, Bern, is one of the most "of the moment" restaurants in Bern. It is located in the cellar of one of Bern's many historic buildings in the medieval heart of the city, and is accessible by a steep staircase. On your descent you'll pass an open kitchen where you can see the staff busy at work. The chef and owner is Beat Blum, a celebrity chef who used to run an upscale restaurant near Lucerne. Though the dining room looks quite spare and simple, the food is divine, with many fixed price local choices listed on a chalkboard. You might be lucky enough to partake of braised tuna and free range chicken, melon terrine, or white cheese mousse with pineapple and homemade ice cream.

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